Happy holidays from TRIESSENCE!

TRIESSENCE hopes you find ways to stay in parasympathetic mode through the holiday season. Here are some tips from Tessa Morgan and new event manager, Rachel Merriman.

We are excited that Rachel has joined the team!  To learn more about her, you can visit our about page HERE.


Friday Meditation Ramble

I had the privilege of coaching a professor today that has a background in Emotional Intelligence as well and we had a nice chuckle over how we all know the things we need to be doing and all of the incredible benefits of doing them, but sometimes we just need that accountability piece to make sure we take good care of ourselves! I needed it a little too much, I think, considering I had a coach for about 6 years back in the day!

When I find myself struggling to do what I know will serve me so well, I like to ask myself two questions: A) What is it going to cost me if I don’t do it? B) How will it serve me if I do? (aka how will it better my health? my life? how will it better me to live at my fullest potential, and to be my best to those around me and better serve others)

Same could go for if you are getting ready to do something you know is not so good for you, but A) What will it cost me if I do? B) How will it serve me if I don’t?

Many years ago, I had worked myself up to meditating 30 mins 2 x a day (I know, I know, wow, those were the days…I think the whites in my eyes were literally radiating light!) and I’ve gone through phases where it’s dropped off to none at all. I’ve been back on the 15 minute bandwagon recently vs. just a few minutes and upped it to 20 mins today. Hopefully, this will be my sweet spot 😉

Sometimes it takes us at least 15 minutes to settle down to get to where we can get to that perfect relaxed state that we only need to be in for a short bit to where our body and mind will remember and the benefits speak for themselves. I was amazed in my yoga practice last night how much more focused I was and able to literally just be doing yoga vs. planning out my evening or daydreaming about tomorrow during class.

Breath is life. Breath is healing. Breath is a natural medicine. It’s the #1 thing to relive anxiety. We would all be absolutely lying if we said that we don’t have two minutes, much less 20 minutes a day we could give ourselves. (Seriously, the things we spend time on these days…you don’t wanna get me started…) I can’t think of a better gift we could give ourselves.

I challenge you (if you are not already) to see what happens when you give yourself two minutes a day of quiet with only you and your breath. You just might want to up it to 5 in a week. Then 10. And, who knows, maybe 20. The cool thing is, you just might start to crave it like it’s your little YOU time every single day where you get to take a mini vacation. Coolest thing EVER is you are also giving your heart, lungs, blood pressure, internal organs and STRESS a vacation as well. And, guess what happens then? You can actually concentrate, be present with others and what you are doing and slow down that exhausting chatter going on in your mind.

End ramble… Cheers to a happy and healthy weekend!

Tessa Morgan

P.S. Want to meditate, but always wondered how and have questions or concerns/fears around it? I’ve been there! Email me, I’d be happy to give you some quick tips! tessa@findyourtriessence.com  I’m also happy to announce that my website has a new facelift with new programs and video if you’d like to check it out, just hit the “HOME” button above.

Interview and new materials




Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here at TRIESSENCE, so we wanted to give an update.  Our website has a new look with new video and resources.  Check out Tessa Morgan’s new SPEAKING TOPICS and NEW VIDEO.

We also wanted to share that Tessa was excited to be mentioned on Inc.com last week.  Here is a link to THE ARTICLE here if you’d like to check it out.  It was a great discussion on mindfulness and organizational performance.

We’ve got a new calendar system in place as well for booking personal growth and life coaching sessions.

If interested in services, but you’d like to learn more, please feel free to sign up for a complimentary consultation call that can be found at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

Thanks so much for tuning in and we will try to get better about posting more soon 🙂

Geniecast Press Release


TRIESSENCE is excited to announce that Tessa Todd Morgan has been added to Geniecast as one of their speakers for live, two-way broadcasts versus having to have an event to make a great meeting possible. Tessa loves that this is a fabulous way to make her speeches available to more audiences since it makes meetings and hiring speakers so much more affordable.

Here is a copy of the press release:

For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
(940) 320-9471

Dallas, Texas (July 20, 2016) — Professional speaker, Tessa Morgan has joined the Geniecast marketplace to deliver Stress Relief and Personal Development expertise to global audiences. Geniecast is the world’s largest online marketplace of thought leaders, speakers, experts and consultants, all available via live, two-way video broadcast.

The Geniecast marketplace has almost 1,000 different programs led by more than 800 “Genies” who are experts in a variety of topics ranging from customer service and business best practices to leadership and other trending industry topics. Genies include individuals who are members of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame and speakers who were named to Inc.com’s list of Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference. Former Yahoo! Executive Tim Sanders, sales guru Jack Daly and New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner are among the Genies available on Geniecast.com. With Geniecast, education, board meetings and business development become more affordable and accessible.

Tessa Morgan is offering several programs on Geniecast including: Stress Relief, Reset Break, Life Coaching 101 and Find Your Triessence where individuals and leaders can learn to be less stressed so they can live out their greatness! Learn more at geniecast.com/tessa-morgan.

About Tessa Morgan

Tessa Todd Morgan is the Founder of TRIESSENCE and DAILY RESET BREAK, a certified yoga instructor, professional speaker, accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence and a life coach. Tessa has been in the professional speaking, training and consulting industry since 2003 and has worked with hundreds of well-known speakers, celebrities and trainers from around the globe.

Tessa has always known that she wanted to do something to help others. After having the privilege of working with famous keynote speakers and celebrities for many years, she realized that she enjoyed putting the right person on stage that could influence and inspire audiences around the world. Tessa has had the privilege of getting to work with people such as Dr. Oz, Mick Fleetwood, Geena Davis and Suze Orman.

Then, Tessa saw that she also wanted to be able to be the one to directly help others, so now her greatest passion in life is to help others live their lives to their fullest potential. Tessa is passionate about helping people recognize their roadblocks and blind spots and helping them create and achieve goals to get them on their desired path. Tessa’s favorite thing to do is health and wellness speaking engagements to help her audiences learn the tools and techniques to get reset, re-energized and re-engaged so they can be more productive and less stressed in the workplace and back home, which ultimately brings them more joy in their lives.

What Would Having Tessa Morgan Speak At Your Next Event Do?

new headshotWhat would having Tessa Morgan speak at your next event do?

Relieve stress for starters!  Check out the “HOME” page above for a quick sample video if you haven’t seen it yet!


With the explosion in usage of the internet and social media on computers, cell phones and tablets, attention span and retention are at an all-time low! This program is the perfect tool to have your attendees get the most out of your conference!  Your attendees will leave feeling educated, refreshed and energized!

In her stress relief speech, your attendees will learn the tools and techniques they need to:

  • Fight fatigue, enhance focus and gain centeredness at the office and back home
  • Reduce stress, increase creativity and be more productive
  • Manage emotions when triggered with Emotional Intelligence techniques to improve their reactions

Your team will also learn how to maximize their health naturally and nutritionally to help:

  • Heal their body from any nutritional deficiencies and maintain a healthy weight with natural supplementation for healthy aging and healthy foundations
  • Reduce stress and any stress related disease symptoms, balance blood sugar to minimize afternoon crashes and control cravings
  • Kick start a new path to a healthy lifestyle in order to maximize their energy

Your team will learn how to take care of themselves nutritionally, physically and emotionally in times of stress and busyness at the office or back home, so they can be less stressed and more productive.    

Tessa also offers other personal development topics that can be found in the “mental” section of this site and she can also just come break up long meetings and events with Reset Breaks!

Wanna hear what other groups are saying about having Tessa speak at their event?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

For more info or to check availability for your next event, please contact info@findyourtriessence.com or call 940-320-9471.


A Few Things To Help You Lower Your Stress















Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a great start so far!

For a lot of us the New Year can bring excitement of getting to hit the refresh button and start a new year over, but sometimes that can come with lofty goals that add a little extra stress and concern of not knowing how we can get it all done.

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is taking care of ourselves in order to not only be the best version of ourselves, but also to be able to have the energy and brainpower in order to get through what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, we have to spend hours at our desk all day long and with that comes exhaustion, stress and distractions. As a “stress relief” speaker, I wanted to share with you all a couple of the things that I teach.

I’m sure you’ve all been hearing for a while now how “sitting is the new smoking” and “we’re dying at our desks” and all of those horrible statistics. If you’ve been lucky enough to miss those horrible headings, I’ll give you the cliffs notes version: We increase our risk of heart disease, breast cancer, high blood pressure, depression and type 2 diabetes by 60-125% depending on the amount of hours we sit each day. And, we lose 20 minutes off of our lives for every hour that we sit.

Plus, after sitting for a while, we get distracted and our productivity greatly declines.

Did you know that on average when we get distracted it takes 23 minutes to get back on task? My buddy and distraction speaker, Curt Steinhorst talks about this in his speeches and it is a pretty scary statistic, but luckily there are things we can do to keep this from happening.

Did you know that when we get triggered (think anxious, upset, angry, super stressed) it can take us up to 18 minutes to be able to calm down to where we can think clearly again? As an accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence I learned a lot of interesting, yet frightening facts from the Institute for Health and Human Potential. One being that we also can loose up to 75% of our working memory when we are really triggered, which is why we sometimes get to the point to where we can’t even respond to people and shut down or even worse, lash out and say something we regret later.

So, what can we do to manage our emotions and stress during business hours to be at our best and more productive?

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to take scheduled breaks. Even just a couple of minutes of getting up and walking around, stretching or taking time to BREATHE can turn things around in an instant to help us be more productive, creative and less stressed.

When we take time just to breathe, it sends signals to our brain that everything is ok.

If you are not quite sure what stretches you could do, I’ve got a library of 100 videos with breathing, stretching and coaching tips to help on my free YouTube Channel – Daily Reset Break.   You can click on the Daily Reset Break logo above to find the YouTube link for the videos.

Another suggestion I always like to make is to do yoga. You can expect to release a lot of that pent up stress that you’ve been holding onto by being able to stretch out the places that store your stress the most.  I know some intimidation can come up for some around doing yoga, but I always encourage my students not to worry about what anyone else is doing, but to just be grateful to have the opportunity to be able to give your mind and body such a great gift!

Just in case you are not familiar with the benefits of yoga, here are some of them:

  • Increases clarity, focus, concentration, productivity and energy
  • Relieves fatigue, stress, insomnia, depression, irritability and anxiety
  • Reduces office drama
  • Fosters creativity
  • Leads to happier employees
  • Promotes a healthier environment
  • Increased energy, strength, flexibility and balance (men, that goes for you too and it could even help your golf or tennis game or any other activities you might do!)
  • Heightened sense of lightness, joy and freedom
  • Aides in the focus on breathing that can also benefit you in everyday life – relieve stress and lower blood pressure
  • Fosters detoxification, pain relief, injury prevention, improved circulation, increased muscle tone and weight loss

And, if you are worried that you are not flexible enough or can’t touch your toes, IT DOESN’T MATTER! The whole point is to do yoga to become more flexible so we can age more gracefully and be more mobile as time goes on so our bodies don’t have to decline over time. And please DON’T say “I can’t do yoga” because I will always disagree with you. I teach my 87-year-old neighbor yoga once a week, so I’m pretty sure you can do it too 🙂

If yoga is not your thing, here are a couple of good breathing exercises to help you get started on a short break during your workday (in addition to the stretches and breathing you can find on the Daily Reset Break channel). If your boss busts you and gets upset, just explain that by taking a short break that in the end they will be the ones to benefit because you can stay focused and be more productive. Otherwise, remember, we might be looking at 23 minutes of distracted time when you get off task. And that could happen multiple times a day!

(These exercises are to be done breathing in and out through your nose.)

RELAXING BREATH: Inhale 4, hold 1, exhale 8, hold 4

ENERGIZING BREATH: Inhale 6, hold 4, exhale 6, hold 1

Happy happy New Year and I hope you find ways to commit to doing more things that relieve stress for yourself so you can be the best version of you!

What Would You Like To Leave Behind In 2015?

leave behind

Recently I learned that I need to work on my patience. It’s plain as day to me now, but funny that so many of my yoga students or coaching clients have seen me as one to have a lot of patience. Luckily, in those settings I do, but in everyday life situations, turns out it’s where I need the most work.

I read the book, “They Healing Code” by Alexander Loyd a couple of weeks ago and not only has it been blowing my mind, but I loved the quiz that is included on their website where you can find out the areas where you need to improve in your life to bring yourself anything from better health, to success & relationships.

Patience was my number one thing that I need to work on and I feel like it’s such a blessing to know because I know that the more I work on it to get better at having more patience in every day situations, I will be able to find even that much more joy in my life.

I always find it funny how when you start to work on something, that pretty much immediately it becomes the thing that shows up in your life the most. So, it’s no surprise to me that I had more technology issues the past few weeks than I can ever remember having in my lifetime. I had multiple opportunities to practice patience when my email accounts stopped working, my phone email got messed up, my stereo system for my yoga classes wouldn’t work (all three completely unrelated or connected) and I had to spend 4 hours on the phone with Apple to only find out that we need to swipe my computer and start all over.

This wasn’t one of those 4 hours calls where you could put the phone down and check in to see what progress has been made or multi-task, but one where they took over my screen and had a red arrow pointing to each thing I had to click, so I was doing something with them the entire 4 hours. I will get another chance to be patient when I get back on the line with them to back up my computer tonight and again when I leave my computer tomorrow in their hands for a week to fix these issues.

Christmas time and shopping of course gives plenty of opportunities for patience as well and helping my sweet grandmother yesterday from the nursing home into the car to take her to see my family when she can hardly get around on her own and at a very slow pace was another bonus opportunity.

So, the question is…do you know what you need to let go of this year and leave behind or commit to improve on in 2016?

I have no problem doing the work I need to around patience, as I know that it will bring me even more joy and peace in my life.

The interesting thing that “The Healing Code” provides is a way to work through to have more patience or whatever you are needing. What I was reminded of on my own though is that underneath impatience or whatever negative thing that keeps you from love, patience, kindness, etc. can be something like sadness or anger.

This week I found myself being very impatience with a friend and after digging deeper I realized that it was because I actually felt taken advantage of in that particular situation. Then, I dug deeper to find what other situations I have felt taken advantage of before and was actually able to get to a little bit of anger underneath it all.

A wise woman and mentor of mine happened to catch me at that time and we both decided I needed to get some of that anger out that I usually hold in and have typically been afraid to let out. I mean, who wants to be that “angry” person, right?  I typically find a way to get back in a better mood or just let it continue as being annoyed or irritated vs. letting any of it out and then just go back to being happy while continuing to stuff the anger.

So, we decided I could choose to put on some boxing gloves and get some of that anger out and I ended up going to town on my guest bedroom bed. I actually had a blast recalling up times I felt taken advantage of and got out some anger, but then it wasn’t surprising to me that underneath all of that was sadness. I then found myself crying at the same time I was getting my frustration out and after about 20 minutes or so of this whole experience, I felt drained and exhausted, but it also felt really amazing.

I then did a “Healing Code” from the book and felt such a release and very calm & peaceful.

While I am not condoning anger, there was definitely something very healing about being able to get angry in a safe environment where I wasn’t taking it out on anyone else, but got to release some of the anger that had been built up inside me for so many years.

Sometimes we need to do some deeper diving into an emotion or feeling we are having like frustration, irritability, or even anger to see what is buried underneath in order to let it go so that we can be less of those things moving foreword and be at our best for ourselves and those around us that we care about the most.

Maybe you know what you’d like more of in your life (Me = Patience) or maybe a quiz like the one that comes with “The Healing Code” book could be helpful, but either way, once you figure it out, I encourage you to pay attention to yourself in those situations that come up where you see you are struggling with that thing and dive a bit deeper to see what you have buried and see if you can find a way to release it.

My challenge to you this holiday season is to see what it is you’d like to leave behind in 2015 (Me = Impatience) and what you would like to move forward in 2016 with more of (Me = Patience) and do whatever it takes to challenge yourself to be more of that and then once it has been achieved you can move on to the next thing you’d like more of…before you know it, you’ll be living a life of pure BLISS.

Cheers to an amazing 2016!

So much love to you and yours!

Top 5 Things To Get You Through Thanksgiving Without Feeling Stuffed And Miserable









Thanksgiving is creeping up upon us and we all know what that means.  It’s a time to stuff ourselves until we are absolutely miserable to where all we can do is barely make it to the couch to nap or go into a food coma and be anything but present or fun to those around us.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you get through Thanksgiving without feeling stuffed and miserable.  And for some, let me just add in that being with family, sadly, can be miserable and it can be an opportunity for us to get triggered or upset with or without any good reason.  So, with that in mind…

1)  GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE and more GRATITUDE.  Did you know that your brain cannot process fear and gratitude at the same time?  Which means, when we are triggered – in other words –  upset, annoyed, irritated or angry (possibly with family members), the best thing for us to do is to go to a place of gratitude.  Even though we don’t necessarily feel fear in all of those circumstances, it is hidden somewhere underneath, so practicing gratitude as much as possible during Thanksgiving is not only great for keeping your cool, but also certainly fits right in with the theme of the holiday 😉

2)  More protein & veggies and less carbs – Do you ever stop and look at how much protein you are really taking in each day?  It would be great if you were getting 60-80 grams a day.  I’ve heard in Asian cultures, they get closer to 100 grams a day and don’t even have a word for hot flashes!  Two eggs in the morning is only 12 grams if that tells you anything, so try to look for other great sources to bring in more protein throughout your day, especially in the morning.  This will help stabilize your blood sugar for the day so you get less crashes.  There are some great non-meat sources of protein as well if you are vegetarian or would like to bring in more protein, along with your meat.  Orzo and quinoa are some great sources of protein that I’ve been loving lately.  Both are great as sides or in a salad.

3)  Know when enough is enough when it comes to eating.  A great way of doing this is to slow things down.  When we are shoving things into our mouth so quickly, a lot of times we can keep going longer than if we take it slow and enjoy what we are eating.  It’s another great opportunity to go back to #1 and appreciate and have gratitude for the wonderful food you are eating, that you have food on the table and possibly friends or family to eat it with and company to enjoy.

4)  Go on a walk right after you eat your biggest meal.  It’s the last thing you will want to do, trust me.  But, it’s also the best think you could do for yourself.  If you could make it a goal to walk after EVERY meal, even better!  This is actually the best thing diabetics could do as well because it helps stabilize your blood sugar so you don’t get the crashes and ups and downs from your food turning into sugar.  Give yourself this gift after that big meal that may be in your future this week!

5)  Practice turning your focus to others and try to have fun, even if it’s hard in some cases.  If things with the family get tense, try to lighten the mood a little.  If anything, even if you are the only one, try to bring some fun to the conversation or something as simple as smiling and telling those around you that you love them or simply showing them my listening to their stories or hugging them and just spending time with them.  When we take our attention off ourself for a while, it’s amazing how people can see how present you are being with them and that alone can usually lighten the mood quiet a bit.

I wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

May you remember all that you have to be grateful for in your life…

How Much Do You Believe In Yourself?











“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.” – Robert Collier

I love this quote and it makes me wonder why some of us believe in ourselves and some of us don’t.

At what point do we lose our confidence and think we aren’t capable of certain things?

Is it when we hear growing up that we are not good at x but good at something else?

Is it when we get our heart broken for the first time that we lose confidence in ourselves?

Is it when we try something and fail, even on the first go round?

At what point do we begin to stop loving ourselves enough to believe in ourselves?

I have done many things throughout the course of my life that I wasn’t very proud of and punished myself for them over many years.  I also had some self hatred for myself and self sabotage going on until I had enough and decided to get some help and let coaches show me how much I had stopped loving myself.

Would you be willing to ask yourself these questions?

Where do you judge yourself?

Are your thoughts to yourself loving or critical?

When I am working with my life coaching clients, I’m amazed at how much we judge ourselves and the amount of self doubt we can have.

Do you believe you are capable of doing anything you want to do?  If not, why not?  And I don’t necessarily mean something like going to the Olympics if you haven’t been training to be an athlete for years, but even some of the simple things you’d like to do, but don’t believe that you can.  Things like starting a new career or your own business, finishing school, writing a book, having a healthy relationship, having a child, etc.

Would you be willing to start being a little more kinder to yourself?  You know, we are what we think we are and we attract what we are thinking about, so the more we think negatively about ourselves, the more we will continue to feel that way and keep acting as we tell ourselves we are.

What if you took the next week and only thought positive things about yourself?  You could make a list of positive characteristics that you have and read them to yourself a couple of times a day and be grateful that you are those wonderful things.

Then, when you feel the negative self talk creeping up, go back to the list.  If you practice looking at them enough, you will remember some of them when you begin to get caught up in those moments and begin to say them to yourself until it becomes natural to feel that way about yourself and regain your confidence in who you are.  We all have unique gifts, talents and characteristics that we can appreciate.  And you’d be amazed at how much others will begin to see them too (if they are not already) when we start to appreciate them and are living them ourselves.

The best thing you can do in those moments of self doubt and negative talk is to switch to focusing on the positive and be grateful that you have those beautiful characteristics.  You might be surprised at how far being grateful for what you do have can get you and you might even start to find yourself making goals and steps towards some of the things you’d like to accomplish.

I challenge you to start listening to what you tell yourself and ask yourself if that is really true and perhaps start working towards proving yourself wrong.  And if you really want to get crazy, add in some words that you know you have faith you can be and want to be like, “I am confident” or “I am successful” and sit back and watch what happens 😉