Public/Corporate/Private Yoga and Dance Fit Classes in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex

Public classes ($15 drop in class rate or $100 for pre-paid 10 class pack – valid for 6 months from date of purchase):

Adult all level Yoga class - Tuesdays 6:45PM – 7:45PM - Hal Samples Photography Studio – 840 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75226 (Must bring your own mat and please arrive a few minutes early. There’s a walk up gated door where you can dial 111 and Hal will let you in or you can call his cell number 214-476-9297 at gate or Tessa’s cell as a back up 214-208-2974)

Adult all level Yoga class - Saturdays 10AM – 11AM - Inside Snider Plaza Health Foods Store – 6717 Snider Plaza, Dallas, Texas 75205 (Mats are available to use)

Adult Dance Fit class - Saturdays 11AM – 12PM - Inside Snider Plaza Health Foods Store - 6717 Snider Plaza, Dallas, Texas 75205

Why bring yoga to your corporation?


  • Increases clarity, productivity and energy for employees
  • Decreases the number of employee sick days
  • Relieves fatigue, stress, insomnia, depression, irritability and anxiety
  • Lessens employee turnover rate
  • Reduces office drama
  • Fosters creativity
  • Leads to happier employees
  • Promotes a healthier environment
  • Lowers health insurance rates through wellness initiatives (outcome dependent upon your employees commitment and response)

What you could expect from yoga classes:

  • Increased energy, strength, flexibility and balance (men, that goes for you too and it could even help your golf or tennis game or any other activities you might do!)
  • Greater clarity, focus and concentration including the ability to still and quiet your mind
  • Added ability to push yourself beyond your limits and realize how strong you actually are
  • Heightened sense of lightness, joy and freedom
  • Aides in the focus on breathing that can also benefit you in everyday life – relieve stress and lower blood pressure
  • An intense workout that you may also find to be calming and relaxing
  • Fosters detoxification, pain relief, injury prevention, improved circulation, increased muscle tone and weight loss
  • Promotion of interdependence between mind, body and spirit – TRIESSENCE has been known to be achieved during yoga sessions

Stereotypes about yoga:

Yoga is only for fit, young people:

Yoga is a great workout for all body shapes and sizes. There are modifications for beginners and more advanced stages in poses for more advanced students. The same benefits for yoga apply to teenagers as they do for senior adults.

Yoga is all about some sort of religion or something I don’t believe in:

This style of yoga is a power Vinyasa flow. It is all about breathing and body movement and not about any religion.

Yoga is just for women:

There is a growing population of men that are taking advantage of the benefits of yoga. Men find the ability to let go of the daily grind to be beneficial and a great stress reliever. Many athletes find yoga to be helpful in increasing their flexibility, strengthening, but it also helps them to avoid injuries.

I am not flexible, there’s no way I can do yoga:

By doing yoga, you will actually dramatically increase your flexibility.  Yoga is not about how far you can go into a pose.  It’s about continuing to come back to your mat to gain strength and increase flexibility.

Yoga is only for people who can do all those crazy poses and put their leg back behind their head:

Yoga is for everyone, even beginners. Everyone had to start somewhere and one of the most exciting things about yoga is there is always a new pose to strive for and a deeper level to achieve.

What to bring to yoga classes:

Yoga mat (mandatory) Bottle of water (recommended)

Large towel to cover mat if you tend to sweat a lot (optional) Small towel to wipe sweat, if desired (optional)

Props: blocks or straps (optional)

When and where corporate yoga classes can take place:

Corporate yoga classes can take place before or after work, during lunch or any other time that is convenient during the work day or evening.

Corporate yoga classes can be held in conference rooms, onsite gyms or in a large space between cubicles (so pretty much anywhere we can find the space!).


Corporate Yoga Classes – If employees are paying: $100 for pre-paid 10 class pack
(valid for 6 months from date of purchase)
$15 drop in class rate

If employer is paying: Call for specific pricing, group classes start at $100

Payment must be received onsite or paid online prior to each yoga class.  Gift certificates are available for purchase.

To schedule a trial class at your organization, please email

Private Yoga Classes – (mat, towel and props can be provided, if necessary)
$100 hour ($20 each additional participant) – to be paid onsite