Coaching with Tessa Todd Morgan

Where personal growth coaching can take place:

Serving the world via phone and Skype and can meet face to face in the DFW area and in Denton, Texas.

Personal/Professional Development Coaching, Health/Wellness Coaching & Relationship Coaching Sessions

If you want to better yourself, live your life to your fullest potential, help get your passion back or stop self-sabotaging yourself, your relationships or your greatness, then having a life coach might be just for you! We will look at what gets in the way of you living out your greatness or having the most fulfilling relationships and grow from there.

Other reasons coaching might be a good fit for you:

      • Offers guidance for those desiring a change in their career path or retired individuals not knowing what is next
      • Aids in improving relationships, working through challenges, forgiveness or can provide a safe place for couples or individuals to move on in a loving and healthy way
      • Teaches techniques that can help you to maintain emotions when triggered by others or brought on by stress
      • Reprogramming of the subconscious mind in order to break habits and make significant lasting changes
      • Get to the root cause of depression and find relief to bring more joy into your life
      • Helps with problem solving when facing financial stressors
      • Work through forgiveness of yourself or others
      • Provides direction in helping you learn how to live out your life purpose
      • You have goals you want to achieve that you’ve been talking about forever, but nothing ever gets done and you are feeling stuck
      • Opportunity to set up health and wellness goals and work towards building a healthier lifestyle for yourself that you stick to
      • Can support weight loss & nutrition goals to feel great and have more energy

“The life coaching is where I am getting the biggest benefits. Tessa has allowed me to overcome the fears of being who I was born to be. Through being able trust Tessa and being vulnerable with her, I am able to move forward onto the biggest project of my life. I feel like I am right where I am suppose to be and moving forward with each session.”  

Hal Samples – Photographer/Filmmaker

Stereotypes about coaching:

It’s just a bunch of rah! rah! pep talk that gets you excited for 30 minutes and you’re right back where you started two days later: Coaching actually has the ability to get down to the core issues of what is going on underneath that keeps you from doing what you desire and accomplishing your goals.

I’m going to have to cry in order for it to work or tell someone everything about my past: Sometimes yes, you may have to share more than you want to, but you will never be forced to share anything you are not willing to. All coaching sessions are 100% confidential and it is a very safe environment.


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