What If You Are One Decision Away From Having The Life You Want?

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What if you are just one decision away from a totally different life?

What would be the new decision you would have to make in order for it be the life you want?

What is the life you want to create?  Mine is one of effortlessness.

I want everything that I do to come with ease and effortlessness and leave me coming from a place of peace, love and joy.

I believe the decision I have to make in order to have that happen is to try easier.  To trust that the perfect things are happening in my business to create exactly what I want.  I want to help others and make a huge impact in this world and in order to do that I need to trust that I am doing the right things to continue to make that happen.

I find that when I stress over things and overanalyze situations, I am living opposite of effortlessness.  And ironically, I believe that as teachers, we teach what we need the most.  So, as a stress relief speaker, I do still find that I need things to continue to help lower my stress at times.  When I am in the flow of things and having fun is when I don’t have 1,000 things planned that I’m trying to juggle that seemed forced and just enjoy life and “work” as it all unfolds perfectly.

I have freed my schedule up dramatically over the past few weeks to allow things to flow with ease.  I also find that when I have an intention of how I want my day to go about, my day runs much more effortlessly.  Whether I say it out loud, right it down, or just think it, I always find it helpful to have an intention set for the day before me and it’s amazing to watch the day mirror what it is that I’ve said I want to happen.

I was trained as a yoga instructor at a Baron Baptiste affiliated studio.  For the past few weeks I have been revisiting some of his principles and reading sections of his book, Journey Into Power in my classes.  Baron has many helpful phrases to help attain mental shifts. Questions to ask yourself around finding ways to “try easy” would be:

Where am I holding on?
Am I holding onto tension, or to my ideal of what I am “supposed to” be doing?
Where can I let go more?
Where can I struggle less?
Where can I just surrender?
-from Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste

These are the questions I’m going to keep up in front of me as I’m consciously shifting out of stress and tension and overanalyzing so I can “TRY EASY” and shift into effortlessness.

Maybe your decision needs to be around taking care of your body, stopping an unhealthy behavior that is damaging your health, getting out of a toxic relationship or just simply learning to love yourself more.

Would you be willing to take a deeper dive into asking yourself these questions over the next few weeks and consider making a new decision?

What if you were just one decision away from a totally different life?

What would be the new decision you would have to make to have it be the life you want?

You just might be surprised at how your life could change.

Also, a quick blog update – my blogs will be more spread out now vs. on a monthly basis necessarily and I will just be posting as I have things I’d like to share.

Hope you can find ways to start making new decisions to bring you the life that you’ve always wanted!

Until next time…

What Does Equanimity Mean To You?


This week, I’ve been looking at what equanimity means to me and this has been the theme of the yoga classes I’ve been teaching.

I’ve been working through Baron Baptiste’s book for the 2nd time – 40 Days to Personal Revolution and this also happens to be the focus for the week.

I love how he says in the book “Equanimity is the art of meeting life as it meets you – calmly, without drama or fuss.”  And he also says that “we change by finding equanimity learning to relax right in the middle of conflict-filled moments.”

Even yoga can seem like conflict sometimes and that’s what I’ve had my students take a look at this week.  We can be in situations and start to panic because we think it hurts or we can’t stay any longer because we are too tired or get too shaky to continue.

So, whether we decide to stay in a pose, get out, we are shaky or lose our balance, can we still stay calm in these times?

Can you still stay calm when things aren’t going your way?  Can you stay calm when life hands you things that you weren’t expecting that take away from the things you wanted to be spending your time on?

I’ve noticed that meditation helps me a lot with staying calm in these moments.  The more that I can relax and stay calm during meditation, the more it carries out through the rest of my life.

If you do not have a regular meditation practice, would you be willing to try and just meditate for 5 minutes a day the next week?  The 40 days book I mentioned above suggests working up to 30 minutes 2ce a day.  So, could you just commit to 5 minutes a day to start?  It just might be the best 5 minutes of your day and you could begin to see you enjoy it so much you may end up wanting more.

You can sit in a comfortable seated position (best if knees are below your hips, so sitting on a pillow or blanket can help) and just take big deep breaths in and out through your nose.  As you recognize thoughts and sounds, try and let them pass through without judging them.  Just go right back to your breathing and pay attention to your next breath.  When it happens again, repeat and go back to your breath.  Set a timer for how long you want to meditate and when the timer goes off you can go about the rest of your day hopefully a little more calm and peaceful and you will have certainly given your mind & body a huge gift!