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Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a great start so far!

For a lot of us the New Year can bring excitement of getting to hit the refresh button and start a new year over, but sometimes that can come with lofty goals that add a little extra stress and concern of not knowing how we can get it all done.

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is taking care of ourselves in order to not only be the best version of ourselves, but also to be able to have the energy and brainpower in order to get through what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, we have to spend hours at our desk all day long and with that comes exhaustion, stress and distractions. As a “stress relief” speaker, I wanted to share with you all a couple of the things that I teach.

I’m sure you’ve all been hearing for a while now how “sitting is the new smoking” and “we’re dying at our desks” and all of those horrible statistics. If you’ve been lucky enough to miss those horrible headings, I’ll give you the cliffs notes version: We increase our risk of heart disease, breast cancer, high blood pressure, depression and type 2 diabetes by 60-125% depending on the amount of hours we sit each day. And, we lose 20 minutes off of our lives for every hour that we sit.

Plus, after sitting for a while, we get distracted and our productivity greatly declines.

Did you know that on average when we get distracted it takes 23 minutes to get back on task? My buddy and distraction speaker, Curt Steinhorst talks about this in his speeches and it is a pretty scary statistic, but luckily there are things we can do to keep this from happening.

Did you know that when we get triggered (think anxious, upset, angry, super stressed) it can take us up to 18 minutes to be able to calm down to where we can think clearly again? As an accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence I learned a lot of interesting, yet frightening facts from the Institute for Health and Human Potential. One being that we also can loose up to 75% of our working memory when we are really triggered, which is why we sometimes get to the point to where we can’t even respond to people and shut down or even worse, lash out and say something we regret later.

So, what can we do to manage our emotions and stress during business hours to be at our best and more productive?

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to take scheduled breaks. Even just a couple of minutes of getting up and walking around, stretching or taking time to BREATHE can turn things around in an instant to help us be more productive, creative and less stressed.

When we take time just to breathe, it sends signals to our brain that everything is ok.

If you are not quite sure what stretches you could do, I’ve got a library of 100 videos with breathing, stretching and coaching tips to help on my free YouTube Channel – Daily Reset Break.   You can click on the Daily Reset Break logo above to find the YouTube link for the videos.

Another suggestion I always like to make is to do yoga. You can expect to release a lot of that pent up stress that you’ve been holding onto by being able to stretch out the places that store your stress the most.  I know some intimidation can come up for some around doing yoga, but I always encourage my students not to worry about what anyone else is doing, but to just be grateful to have the opportunity to be able to give your mind and body such a great gift!

Just in case you are not familiar with the benefits of yoga, here are some of them:

  • Increases clarity, focus, concentration, productivity and energy
  • Relieves fatigue, stress, insomnia, depression, irritability and anxiety
  • Reduces office drama
  • Fosters creativity
  • Leads to happier employees
  • Promotes a healthier environment
  • Increased energy, strength, flexibility and balance (men, that goes for you too and it could even help your golf or tennis game or any other activities you might do!)
  • Heightened sense of lightness, joy and freedom
  • Aides in the focus on breathing that can also benefit you in everyday life – relieve stress and lower blood pressure
  • Fosters detoxification, pain relief, injury prevention, improved circulation, increased muscle tone and weight loss

And, if you are worried that you are not flexible enough or can’t touch your toes, IT DOESN’T MATTER! The whole point is to do yoga to become more flexible so we can age more gracefully and be more mobile as time goes on so our bodies don’t have to decline over time. And please DON’T say “I can’t do yoga” because I will always disagree with you. I teach my 87-year-old neighbor yoga once a week, so I’m pretty sure you can do it too 🙂

If yoga is not your thing, here are a couple of good breathing exercises to help you get started on a short break during your workday (in addition to the stretches and breathing you can find on the Daily Reset Break channel). If your boss busts you and gets upset, just explain that by taking a short break that in the end they will be the ones to benefit because you can stay focused and be more productive. Otherwise, remember, we might be looking at 23 minutes of distracted time when you get off task. And that could happen multiple times a day!

(These exercises are to be done breathing in and out through your nose.)

RELAXING BREATH: Inhale 4, hold 1, exhale 8, hold 4

ENERGIZING BREATH: Inhale 6, hold 4, exhale 6, hold 1

Happy happy New Year and I hope you find ways to commit to doing more things that relieve stress for yourself so you can be the best version of you!

Exercise And Diet Don’t Stop You From Dying At Your Desk!

Did you know that exercise and diet don’t stop you from dying at your desk?

We all know there have been countless articles about how we are dying at our desk from Harvard to WebMD, NBC, Time, Huffington Post, and the list goes on…

CNN just posted an article a couple of months ago though talking about how exercise and diet don’t cut it and do not make up for the fact that we are sitting all day. Neither do stand up desks. Or, let me rephrase that…stand up desks are great, but DO NOT STAND ALL DAY! There are risks in that also. You can increase joint strain, varicose veins and back pain if you stand all day.

Depending on the number of hours you are sitting (typically around 6-12), your risk of heart disease, prostate or breast cancer, high blood pressure, depression and type 2 diabetes increases by 60-125%.

So, is there a solution?


What is it?

You MUST take small breaks throughout the day. Anywhere from 1-5 minute breaks every hour.  Some studies say every 30 minutes, but most say every hour, so I like to go with the latter as I think it’s more attainable.

Getting up and walking around, doing light stretching or even breathing exercises and meditations are good ways to give yourself a break mentally and physically. We get distracted and it’s hard for us to focus, so you will be more productive, less stressed and do your body and mind a huge favor by choosing to take these breaks and it just might save your life!

Need some help?

To get you started, I’ve created a YouTube channel that provides short breaks that consist of light stretching, breathing exercises and coaching tips to get you reset, re-energized and re-engaged. It’s called Daily Reset Break, but feel free to follow along with multiple breaks throughout your day.

Daily Reset Break YouTube Channel 

It doesn’t matter if you are not working in an office all day, the same goes for stay at home moms and retirees. Pay attention to how long you sit each day and please make sure that you take breaks.

Take good care of your beautiful self!

Photo credit: Hal Samples

Have You Ever Gone On A Secret Mission At Your Office?


Have you ever gone on a secret mission at your office?

One of Hall of Fame Speaker and author Christine Cashine’s favorite ways of taking a reset break is to go on a secret mission.  She’ll teach you how to here:

As I mentioned on my last blog, I’m super excited that Daily Reset Break is now being offered for free on YouTube and you can learn more on this video below or subscribe to the channel here.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Easter Weekend!

Feels So Good…

Feels so good


Feels so good…

At least that’s what Peter Gorman states in his recent article for Meeting Professionals International regarding the meeting industry incorporating wellness elements into their event schedules.

I was thrilled when a friend sent me this article as I recently had the privilege of teaching yoga for three days for an event with Concentra and the attendees were telling me how much they enjoyed getting to take the break and do yoga and how much their bodies appreciated it.

I also selfishly was excited to see this as I’m offering Reset Breaks at corporate meetings and events and love seeing that this is becoming a popular trend in the industry.

I got word that I’m going to be doing a big industry event in a few weeks in New Orleans and really looking forward to seeing how we can continue to grow this trend.

Read full article here

On another exciting note, I’m going to be launching Daily Reset Break on YouTube in the next few days and looking forward to offering free videos online for all to view to get RESET, RE-ENERGIZED and RE-ENGAGED and be less stressed and more productive.

More to come…

When Things Don’t Go Your Way…

What do you do when things don’t go your way?

You have two options. You can get upset about it all day or you can make the most of it.

I moved to a new city last Friday. The house my husband and I are remodeling was not quite ready, so we had to move everything in the garage and we are staying with his parents.

Due to the ice and snow in the Dallas area the past few weeks, things have been prolonged even more, so what started as a few days delayed is now coming up on a week with a few more days to go. This is not what we had planned.

Today I went to upload a coaching video that I need to have turned in to a company today and it has taken 9 hours to upload. Not what I had planned.

So, for my Daily Reset Break today, I am sending this to you all to ponder this question for yourselves around what do you do when things don’t go your way?

I couldn’t get another video out in time today because my computer is still staying I have an hour to go. I’m so nervous just typing this afraid that it could come unplugged and that I would have to start all over again or that I am slowing things down just be being on the computer.

So, the whole point of the story is…what have I done since things haven’t been going my way?

I’ve made the best of it. I’ve gotten to hang out with my new in-laws and spend quality time together that we hadn’t had yet. I made some Daily Reset Break videos with my Mother-In-Law yesterday and this is one of the ones that we had fun recording together. The best part is that I’m dressed up in her fun wintery snow clothes and boots. I had a blast!

I encourage you next time things don’t go your way to stop and decide what you are going to do. Are you going to spend the day being upset or could you possibly make the choice to take deep breaths and decide to make the best out of the situation that has been handed to you?

I chose the latter and it has been a true blessing…

Do You Practice What You Preach?









Do you practice what you preach?

Recently I got very serious when I asked myself this question.  You see, I’ve been in the speaking and training industry for the past 12 years and over that span I’ve seen a lot of people that are preaching things all day long that aren’t necessarily walking the talk.

I don’t mean everyone by any means, but I have seen a common thread of it in my time.  That being said, I took a good hard look at myself in the past few months and have asked myself that very question.  Do I practice what I preach?  And honestly, the answer was no.

Then I decided to make some changes.  I think sometimes we teach the things we need the most.  As a life coach and yoga instructor I often find myself telling clients exactly what I need to hear and I take it as a great reminder to continue doing the things that I know when I do them I achieve great results.

So, when I created Daily Reset Break, I realized that I need it possibly more than anyone else. Therefore, my New Year’s Resolution was to do all of my Daily Reset Break videos.  And, I am excited to say that I have!  I can’t say that I have done them on a daily basis and have to be honest and share that some days I’ve had to catch up on a few, but I am doing them and that’s all that matters to me right now.

And you know what!?!?!?!?  I had a fun moment today when I realized that they are working 🙂 But, truly that not only am I participating through the videos, but the ultimate goal of me wanting these videos to have people think about taking breaks at other times throughout the day really work.  I was in the car and sitting a lot today and found myself outside the car today when I had a chance jumping around in place a little and stretching.

Sitting all day truly is killing us and our bodies and I was reminded of this while teaching yoga this week for a corporate meeting when some of the participants were saying how much they needed yoga and stretching after sitting all day.  They were exhausted and their bodies were stiff and achy.

What do you do to reset when you need a break?  Need some help?  www.dailyresetbreak.com

What do you preach?  Do you practice what you preach?  Do you want to practice what you preach or do you possibly want to start preaching a new message?  If you like it, what can you do more of to start practicing what you preach?

Want To Be Featured On Daily Reset Break?

Want to be featured on Daily Reset Break?

I’m super excited to have launched Daily Reset Break and would love to feature any of you anytime on a break. Just sharing your favorite tips and tools that help you get reset, re-engaged and re-energized. 3 mins of anything from light stretching to breathing techniques to any advice of what your favorite things are to do when you take breaks.

Here’s a two minute video talking about being featured and if you decide you’d like to, please review the guidelines below that also explain how to send in your video.

GUIDELINES: https://findyourtriessence.com/drbvideoguidelines/

If you’d like to learn more about Daily Reset Break, see a few other people who are being featured on Daily Reset Break and watch a couple of sample break videos, click here:  https://findyourtriessence.com/dailyresetbreak/

I hope you’ll decide to send in a video! We could all use a Daily Reset Break and it’s fun to get a variety of advice on best practices for doing so.

And if you haven’t signed up yet to receive daily 3 minute video breaks directly to your inbox…

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