Not So Halloweeny FEAR & Moving To Monthly Blog Posts


I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!  Today, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about FEAR considering the holiday that we celebrated this weekend.

This is a photo I took months ago at a Blue October show in Dallas.  The lead singer, Justin, is an inspiration of someone who has overcome a lot of fear in his life, not to mention, an incredibly talented performer.

From a list ranging of things from drugs, alcohol and suicidal thoughts, I’ve heard him say how he had times where he’d play a show and not only not be able to be present with the audience, but that he’d meet people and not remember them.  Sadly, I can relate.  I hated myself for so long and didn’t even realize it, so I’d continue to do things to hate myself to stay in that familiar place.

It took me many years of working with multiple coaches to work through all of my mess to where I could love myself and want the best life I could have.  Now, my greatest passion is helping others be able to do the same.  I love helping people see the ways that they are sabotaging their greatness so that they can live their life to their fullest potential.

A few months ago, I was being interviewed for a friends book where she was interviewing female entrepreneurs and since she is a performer herself, she asked me the question “if you could have a theme song for your business, what would it be” where I replied, “Fear, by Blue October” which I know was a very odd response.

I then explained how I used to let FEAR run my life and that I would sabotage myself all the time and that this song was so inspiring to me to see the transition that Justin has made in his life and it is a reminder for me to keep pushing and believing that anything is possible, including the joy that I have been able to find over the past few years after being so miserable for so long.

I saw Blue October in Richardson, Texas at a show a few months after this one above where Justin was so connected to the audience that he even came out and jumped around and sang with us.  Now, I’ve been privileged enough over the past 12 years to book and work with multiple celebrities to speak at events and even gotten to meet a few of my biggest idols, so I’ve noticed over the years that sadly nothing seems to phase me anymore…so, it was a joy to be giddy with my husband and our friend as we were walking away from the show saying “I touched him” like we were in high school, lol.  What a joy to see someone transform so much into such a powerful influencer with a very strong and inspiring message to share with others.  It is always an honor to see him perform and makes my heart sing with joy.

If you’ve never seen Blue October’s video for the song FEAR, CLICK HERE and for an extra bonus, here is the ACOUSTIC VERSION.

Here is a PREVIOUS FEAR POST that I wrote about where I shared in more detail all of the things I used to be scared of and how I managed to go towards them and not let the FEAR win.  Since that post, I got married (9 months ago) and have spoken to groups of hundreds of people and both of these things that I would have thought to be so scary in the past have brought me so much joy.

I also had an experience where I spoke in front of some of the top speaker agents in the world and had more fear penetrating through my body than I knew possible and wanted so bad just to run off the stage and quit, but I worked through my shaking, terrified trembling body and voice and did it anyway.  I managed to loosen up a bit before it was all over, but it prepared me to now speak in front of hundreds of people and be okay with it.  If we can manage to continue to put ourselves in situations that scare the crap out of us, it gets easier and easier and we can live out our greatness and do what we were born to do, as a result.

What causes you fear that you know you really want to do?
What steps can you take today, this week, this month to go towards that thing so you can stop sabotaging your greatness?

Are you willing to commit to taking a scary step so you can find true joy and be the person you are here to be?

TRIESSENCE has moved to a monthly blog post versus bi-weekly, so my apologies in waiting so long to get one out.

In the meantime, I hope you find a way to figure out something that scares you, but you know you want to do and DO IT ANYWAY.

When Things Don’t Go Your Way…

What do you do when things don’t go your way?

You have two options. You can get upset about it all day or you can make the most of it.

I moved to a new city last Friday. The house my husband and I are remodeling was not quite ready, so we had to move everything in the garage and we are staying with his parents.

Due to the ice and snow in the Dallas area the past few weeks, things have been prolonged even more, so what started as a few days delayed is now coming up on a week with a few more days to go. This is not what we had planned.

Today I went to upload a coaching video that I need to have turned in to a company today and it has taken 9 hours to upload. Not what I had planned.

So, for my Daily Reset Break today, I am sending this to you all to ponder this question for yourselves around what do you do when things don’t go your way?

I couldn’t get another video out in time today because my computer is still staying I have an hour to go. I’m so nervous just typing this afraid that it could come unplugged and that I would have to start all over again or that I am slowing things down just be being on the computer.

So, the whole point of the story is…what have I done since things haven’t been going my way?

I’ve made the best of it. I’ve gotten to hang out with my new in-laws and spend quality time together that we hadn’t had yet. I made some Daily Reset Break videos with my Mother-In-Law yesterday and this is one of the ones that we had fun recording together. The best part is that I’m dressed up in her fun wintery snow clothes and boots. I had a blast!

I encourage you next time things don’t go your way to stop and decide what you are going to do. Are you going to spend the day being upset or could you possibly make the choice to take deep breaths and decide to make the best out of the situation that has been handed to you?

I chose the latter and it has been a true blessing…

What Do You Do When The Power Goes Out?


What do you do when the power goes out?

I’ve been without power since yesterday around 4:30 PM.  I kept thinking it would come back on, but it hasn’t.

The storms in Texas have caused hundreds of thousands of people to be without power the past few days and it sounds like 100,000 homes are out just in the area I live in alone, in Dallas.

Driving around to try and catch a yoga class last night seemed impossible.  And actually it was because I didn’t make it in time.  Most of the stoplights were out.  I had people jet out in front of me running these imaginary stoplights and it seemed that frustrated people were all around.  Once I made it to where I wanted to go, I couldn’t even find a parking place because the shopping center was so packed with people circling around three floors of a parking garage to find a space, so I just left and went to eat dinner instead.

It took my boyfriend 3 hours to get home last night and it took my sister an hour and 1/2 to drive a mile and 1/2.  She had her 2-year-old little girl in the car and had to get creative on how to entertain her.  She picked up dinner in the car and just improvised with what was in front of her until she got home.  Smart woman 🙂

It was hot last night and a little hard to sleep, but it made me think about all of the things that we take for granted and it made my gratefulness journal easy to write in this morning. I am grateful that I have a comfortable bed to sleep in and that I can find rest.  I am grateful that I have electricity (normally ;).  I am grateful that I have things that keep me warm and cool me off when I sleep.  I am grateful that we have the ability to switch a switch on the wall and can automatically see much better.  It’s amazing how even after hours of walking around with a flashlight and seeing by candlelight, you still switch it on out of habit over and over again.  It made me laugh each time.

We can complain, get worked up in traffic, yell, scream and get frustrated and feel like crap or we can decide to enjoy the silence when lying in bed thinking about what it was like for people back in the day when they had no electricity and count all the things we have to be grateful for and look forward to when we have it again.  I’m choosing the latter.

So, as I sit here on a hard bench in a restaurant in a tiny spot where I could find an outlet to charge my phone, be on my computer and get wifi, I’m grateful that I could find a place to get some work done.  I’m also choosing to find things I can appreciate about the others surrounding me that our in the same situation I am after catching myself from starting to be annoyed that their voices were too loud and annoying because they were so close to me 🙂 I promise life is much more fun this way.

What can you choose to be grateful for despite your circumstances today?

How Fulfilling Are Your Relationships? Wanna Make Em Better?


How fulfilling are your relationships?  I’ll have what these people are having!  I’m not sure why there are five females to each male here, but let’s just go with it…

What if all of your relationships were this fun and playful?  I believe they can be.  OK, so maybe not every moment, but the majority of the time.  That’s why I’m holding a “Fulfilling Relationship Workshop” on August 23rd in Dallas and I’m so excited about it!

You see, I used to be an expert at sabotaging my relationships and was the queen of everything you don’t want to do in a relationship to have them fail and have yourself or others end up getting hurt along the way, in return, feeling horrible about yourself.  I actually mastered it over the years until I got fed up with it and decided I wanted to change.  Sometimes we have to look and see if there is a common denominator of why things aren’t working.  Sometimes we find that it’s us 🙂  And I’ve grown to love finding out how I can learn and improve myself along this journey of life, even if it’s hard sometimes.

Six years of coaching and hard work on myself and my issues later…I won’t call myself a master of relationships since I am, of course, human, but I will say that I’ve learned many things along the way to make my relationship one that I find to be extremely fulfilling.  Like, I have to force myself to do other things sometimes because all I want to do is hang out and have fun together.

I want to help others who could be like I used to be see why they do the things they do in relationships and continue to repeat the same patterns learn what they really want in a relationship, how to be a great partner and how to attract what they want into their life.

This workshop is great for anyone who is wanting to be in a relationship, but never seems to find the “right” match, someone who is currently unfulfilled in their relationship and would like to make it better or someone who wants to better their relationships with friends and family.

If anything, it’s going to be a day to do some deep soul searching, followed by creating the future that you DO want and having fun with other likeminded individuals.

I would love to have you join us!  Please see the following link for more details and to register

If you’re interested and finances are what would keep you from coming, email me and we’ll work something out  I don’t want any willing participants to miss out on this fun opportunity!

Wishing you all the most fulfilled relationships along your journey.  May you have the urge to leap in the water like these peeps above.  And if you don’t, may you do it anyway and see how it makes you feel.  What’s the worst that can happen?  If you don’t like it, you never have to do it again.

Happy 1st Birthday, TRIESSENCE! Highlights From The Year…


TRIESSENCE is proud to announce it just celebrated birthday number 1!

TRIESSENCE exists to help people find the perfect balance of their true essence bringing them to the fullest expression of who they are, which can result in an increase in happiness, fulfilling relationships, health, success, love and joy.  TRIESSENCE wants to help as many people as possible live their lives to their fullest potential and embrace their greatness.

A lot of great things have happened in the last 365 days and TRIESSENCE has remained true to the mission above over the course of the year. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. One year ago, TRIESSENCE launched the first public yoga class and has enjoyed getting to teach and watch students grow and see their bodies transform as they are able to do more with each session.
2. TRIESSENCE has worked with coaching clients from anything to helping find their paths in order to live out their dreams to currently working with one on launching a new business and speaking skills to helping another with the challenges one faces in romantic relationships. TRIESSENCE even helped one coaching client complete a film project this year, which took founder Tessa Todd to London for a week back in April.
3. TRIESSENCE has done private yoga sessions and had a lot of progress with one particular client who has been doing privates since January and taking public classes with Tessa for a year now. She has a rod in her spine due to scoliosis and was concerned she wouldn’t be able to do much when they first started. TRIESSENCE is proud to say she is now doing headstands in the middle of the room, by herself. Rod and all!  TRIESSENCE is thrilled to be able to see individuals gain confidence and be able to accomplish things they never thought possible!
4. TRIESSENCE has taught corporate yoga anywhere from small home offices to Mockingbird Station and Comerica Bank Tower downtown in Dallas.
5. One year ago, TRIESSENCE’s first corporate yoga retreat was done outside in a park with 5 people (pictured above). The weather was perfect that day and since then, the sky has been the limit! Last week, TRIESSENCE did a corporate yoga event and mediation session with a group of male and female occupational therapists & physical therapists with the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was such an honor for Tessa to be able to help the people that take care of so many others learn ways to take care of themselves since they deserve it so much for all of the hard work they do!

While Tessa is focusing primarily on corporate yoga onsite at companies or at their events, private yoga sessions and life coaching, she does offer one public yoga class a week on Tuesday evenings at 6PM. If you are interested in checking out the class, please email

Here’s what a few clients have had to say about working with TRIESSENCE:

“Having Tessa come and do classes at our building is such a great amenity to have for our tenants. The convenience of having yoga onsite versus having to go elsewhere for classes is a huge advantage for all of us. I believe it is a big stress reliever for everyone and I leave feeling energized after each class. I highly recommend it for your company or building!”

Elizabeth Costello Chavez – Tenant Services Coordinator, Comerica Bank Tower

“My original motivation for incorporating a Yoga Break at our company-wide retreat was to offer an out-of-the-box team-building activity for our group. Little did I know it would be such a highlight of our retreat! Our team talks about it to this day, and we’ve since incorporated TRIESSENCE Corporate Yoga twice a week at our office.

Tessa was so mindful of the different levels of fitness represented in the group, and effortlessly customized the class to meet each one. In addition to the benefits that each attendee got out of the session, it cleared our minds to be so much more productive for the rest of our meetings. In fact, I find myself (selfishly) wishing the conferences I attend throughout the year offered Yoga Breaks! I definitely recommend it.”

Christa Haberstock – President, see:a·gen·cy

Personal message from Tessa Todd:

None of these things could have happened this year without the love and support from so many of you along the way. Thank you so much for your faithful support and encouragement! Thank you to all of my clients for continuing to show up and have the drive to continue to better themselves.

For any clients that have moved on but are still using some of the techniques we used together, I’d love to hear from you.  And many of you may not have done any yoga or coaching sessions with me, so if there is anything I can do to support you, I’d love to hear from you as well.  I appreciate the support from each and every one of you and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Cheers to many more years to come…

For more information on services offered by TRIESSENCE, please visit and you can “like” TRIESSENCE on FB for bi-weekly blogs by visiting

The Start Of A Brand New Season


This week was the start of a brand new season of my life.  I left an amazing full time job to officially launch my new business and focus entirely on TRIESSENCE.

As I prepared to leave and train the people to take over my old role, it occurred to me that this could quite possibly be the end of my experience in the “corporate” world and that I am transitioning over to working for myself, which means leaving the security of having a wonderful job and a supportive team surrounding me in the workplace.

Since I’m trying not to focus on the fears around it (although I could write an entire blog around that), I’ll just say that this is quite possibly the scariest time of my life and I have to remember to keep my thoughts positive on what I do want and continue to have faith and believe that this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

I’ve been dreaming of this for years and it doesn’t matter that I’ve been preparing for it for a couple of years now or that I gave a six month notice to my company that I was working with because I don’t think you are ever quite prepared for the final days at the end and for the reality to sink in that one season is over and a brand new season of my life has now begun.

As I walked around in the ice and snow today in Dallas, Texas, I was reminded of all of the different seasons in our lives and how things can change so quickly.  We don’t get much snow or ice here and when we do, it seems like it always happens so fast and you don’t have much time to prepare.  This time I actually took time to stock up yesterday and buy some food and all that I would need to have in case I was trapped inside for a few days since the city pretty much shuts down when we do get this type of weather.

As I walked out back to check things out this afternoon, my gate was frozen shut to get to the back where my car is parked and I could see through the gate at how frozen my car is as well.  I was very thankful that I prepared ahead of time.  I was then able to choose to walk around the neighborhood and walk over to a cute coffee shop and that’s when I got to snap the beautiful photo above.

I also made the choice to leave my amazing full time job.  It doesn’t make it any less fearful or less sad to leave people that I loved working with so much and to be starting something that is so unpredictable and scary for me to be out on my own.

I could make the choice to worry every day and focus on the fear of not having enough coaching clients or yoga classes or that my business could fail.  Or I can choose to visualize and think about all that I want to accomplish with my new business.  I can think about all of the people that will get introduced to yoga that have never done it before when I bring it to corporations and the people that I can help through coaching them.

I recently learned a helpful tip that I’ve been incorporating before I go to bed.  The things that we focus on right before bed are crucial because our subconscious brain is at work when we are sleeping.  If I go to bed panicking and focusing on what tomorrow will bring and that I’m afraid I could fail, that sets me up to continue to feel that way the next day and let my brain soak that in until morning and quite possibly attract that into my life.  The other choice would be to visualize myself and my clients and students living their lives to their fullest potential and benefiting from the work of TRIESSENCE.  I am going to choose the latter.

Would you be willing to spend the next few nights before you go to bed really paying attention to what you say to yourself before you go to bed and make a conscious decision to set up your subconscious to help you succeed by focusing on the amazing things that you want for yourself?  Then, you must have faith and believe that those things are possible or better yet, believe that they have already happened.  I think we’ll both be amazed at the results.

Happy weekend and hope you all stay warm and cozy.