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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here at TRIESSENCE, so we wanted to give an update.  Our website has a new look with new video and resources.  Check out Tessa Morgan’s new SPEAKING TOPICS and NEW VIDEO.

We also wanted to share that Tessa was excited to be mentioned on last week.  Here is a link to THE ARTICLE here if you’d like to check it out.  It was a great discussion on mindfulness and organizational performance.

We’ve got a new calendar system in place as well for booking personal growth and life coaching sessions.

If interested in services, but you’d like to learn more, please feel free to sign up for a complimentary consultation call that can be found at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

Thanks so much for tuning in and we will try to get better about posting more soon 🙂

How Much Do You Believe In Yourself?











“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.” – Robert Collier

I love this quote and it makes me wonder why some of us believe in ourselves and some of us don’t.

At what point do we lose our confidence and think we aren’t capable of certain things?

Is it when we hear growing up that we are not good at x but good at something else?

Is it when we get our heart broken for the first time that we lose confidence in ourselves?

Is it when we try something and fail, even on the first go round?

At what point do we begin to stop loving ourselves enough to believe in ourselves?

I have done many things throughout the course of my life that I wasn’t very proud of and punished myself for them over many years.  I also had some self hatred for myself and self sabotage going on until I had enough and decided to get some help and let coaches show me how much I had stopped loving myself.

Would you be willing to ask yourself these questions?

Where do you judge yourself?

Are your thoughts to yourself loving or critical?

When I am working with my life coaching clients, I’m amazed at how much we judge ourselves and the amount of self doubt we can have.

Do you believe you are capable of doing anything you want to do?  If not, why not?  And I don’t necessarily mean something like going to the Olympics if you haven’t been training to be an athlete for years, but even some of the simple things you’d like to do, but don’t believe that you can.  Things like starting a new career or your own business, finishing school, writing a book, having a healthy relationship, having a child, etc.

Would you be willing to start being a little more kinder to yourself?  You know, we are what we think we are and we attract what we are thinking about, so the more we think negatively about ourselves, the more we will continue to feel that way and keep acting as we tell ourselves we are.

What if you took the next week and only thought positive things about yourself?  You could make a list of positive characteristics that you have and read them to yourself a couple of times a day and be grateful that you are those wonderful things.

Then, when you feel the negative self talk creeping up, go back to the list.  If you practice looking at them enough, you will remember some of them when you begin to get caught up in those moments and begin to say them to yourself until it becomes natural to feel that way about yourself and regain your confidence in who you are.  We all have unique gifts, talents and characteristics that we can appreciate.  And you’d be amazed at how much others will begin to see them too (if they are not already) when we start to appreciate them and are living them ourselves.

The best thing you can do in those moments of self doubt and negative talk is to switch to focusing on the positive and be grateful that you have those beautiful characteristics.  You might be surprised at how far being grateful for what you do have can get you and you might even start to find yourself making goals and steps towards some of the things you’d like to accomplish.

I challenge you to start listening to what you tell yourself and ask yourself if that is really true and perhaps start working towards proving yourself wrong.  And if you really want to get crazy, add in some words that you know you have faith you can be and want to be like, “I am confident” or “I am successful” and sit back and watch what happens 😉

Thank You, National Coach Academy!


I wanted to take the opportunity for my bi-weekly blog to give a special thanks to National Coach Academy for reviewing TRIESSENCE this week.

I am honored to be featured on their website.

It’s always interesting to see or hear the way others describe you or your business.  I really enjoyed the points that stood out for them about how my life coaching services are different from others and the way they explained what TRIESSENCE means.

Thank you again very much, National Coach Academy!  I really appreciate it!

TRIESSENCE Blogs and Article in Dallas Business Journal, Feeling Blessed…


Happy Friday, everyone!

I am feeling so blessed and humbled today and I wanted to share.

The Dallas Business Journal published an article on TRIESSENCE today as well as four blogs this week breaking down fun yoga poses to try.

Here’s the article (full article will be unlocked in 30 days, but still wanted to share):

Here is the page with the blogs about the four different yoga poses:

Feeling so grateful and thankful for all of your support. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.

And, thank you oh so much to Dallas Business Journal.

So happy…

Happy 1st Birthday, TRIESSENCE! Highlights From The Year…


TRIESSENCE is proud to announce it just celebrated birthday number 1!

TRIESSENCE exists to help people find the perfect balance of their true essence bringing them to the fullest expression of who they are, which can result in an increase in happiness, fulfilling relationships, health, success, love and joy.  TRIESSENCE wants to help as many people as possible live their lives to their fullest potential and embrace their greatness.

A lot of great things have happened in the last 365 days and TRIESSENCE has remained true to the mission above over the course of the year. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. One year ago, TRIESSENCE launched the first public yoga class and has enjoyed getting to teach and watch students grow and see their bodies transform as they are able to do more with each session.
2. TRIESSENCE has worked with coaching clients from anything to helping find their paths in order to live out their dreams to currently working with one on launching a new business and speaking skills to helping another with the challenges one faces in romantic relationships. TRIESSENCE even helped one coaching client complete a film project this year, which took founder Tessa Todd to London for a week back in April.
3. TRIESSENCE has done private yoga sessions and had a lot of progress with one particular client who has been doing privates since January and taking public classes with Tessa for a year now. She has a rod in her spine due to scoliosis and was concerned she wouldn’t be able to do much when they first started. TRIESSENCE is proud to say she is now doing headstands in the middle of the room, by herself. Rod and all!  TRIESSENCE is thrilled to be able to see individuals gain confidence and be able to accomplish things they never thought possible!
4. TRIESSENCE has taught corporate yoga anywhere from small home offices to Mockingbird Station and Comerica Bank Tower downtown in Dallas.
5. One year ago, TRIESSENCE’s first corporate yoga retreat was done outside in a park with 5 people (pictured above). The weather was perfect that day and since then, the sky has been the limit! Last week, TRIESSENCE did a corporate yoga event and mediation session with a group of male and female occupational therapists & physical therapists with the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was such an honor for Tessa to be able to help the people that take care of so many others learn ways to take care of themselves since they deserve it so much for all of the hard work they do!

While Tessa is focusing primarily on corporate yoga onsite at companies or at their events, private yoga sessions and life coaching, she does offer one public yoga class a week on Tuesday evenings at 6PM. If you are interested in checking out the class, please email

Here’s what a few clients have had to say about working with TRIESSENCE:

“Having Tessa come and do classes at our building is such a great amenity to have for our tenants. The convenience of having yoga onsite versus having to go elsewhere for classes is a huge advantage for all of us. I believe it is a big stress reliever for everyone and I leave feeling energized after each class. I highly recommend it for your company or building!”

Elizabeth Costello Chavez – Tenant Services Coordinator, Comerica Bank Tower

“My original motivation for incorporating a Yoga Break at our company-wide retreat was to offer an out-of-the-box team-building activity for our group. Little did I know it would be such a highlight of our retreat! Our team talks about it to this day, and we’ve since incorporated TRIESSENCE Corporate Yoga twice a week at our office.

Tessa was so mindful of the different levels of fitness represented in the group, and effortlessly customized the class to meet each one. In addition to the benefits that each attendee got out of the session, it cleared our minds to be so much more productive for the rest of our meetings. In fact, I find myself (selfishly) wishing the conferences I attend throughout the year offered Yoga Breaks! I definitely recommend it.”

Christa Haberstock – President, see:a·gen·cy

Personal message from Tessa Todd:

None of these things could have happened this year without the love and support from so many of you along the way. Thank you so much for your faithful support and encouragement! Thank you to all of my clients for continuing to show up and have the drive to continue to better themselves.

For any clients that have moved on but are still using some of the techniques we used together, I’d love to hear from you.  And many of you may not have done any yoga or coaching sessions with me, so if there is anything I can do to support you, I’d love to hear from you as well.  I appreciate the support from each and every one of you and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Cheers to many more years to come…

For more information on services offered by TRIESSENCE, please visit and you can “like” TRIESSENCE on FB for bi-weekly blogs by visiting