Top 5 Things To Get You Through Thanksgiving Without Feeling Stuffed And Miserable









Thanksgiving is creeping up upon us and we all know what that means.  It’s a time to stuff ourselves until we are absolutely miserable to where all we can do is barely make it to the couch to nap or go into a food coma and be anything but present or fun to those around us.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you get through Thanksgiving without feeling stuffed and miserable.  And for some, let me just add in that being with family, sadly, can be miserable and it can be an opportunity for us to get triggered or upset with or without any good reason.  So, with that in mind…

1)  GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE and more GRATITUDE.  Did you know that your brain cannot process fear and gratitude at the same time?  Which means, when we are triggered – in other words –  upset, annoyed, irritated or angry (possibly with family members), the best thing for us to do is to go to a place of gratitude.  Even though we don’t necessarily feel fear in all of those circumstances, it is hidden somewhere underneath, so practicing gratitude as much as possible during Thanksgiving is not only great for keeping your cool, but also certainly fits right in with the theme of the holiday 😉

2)  More protein & veggies and less carbs – Do you ever stop and look at how much protein you are really taking in each day?  It would be great if you were getting 60-80 grams a day.  I’ve heard in Asian cultures, they get closer to 100 grams a day and don’t even have a word for hot flashes!  Two eggs in the morning is only 12 grams if that tells you anything, so try to look for other great sources to bring in more protein throughout your day, especially in the morning.  This will help stabilize your blood sugar for the day so you get less crashes.  There are some great non-meat sources of protein as well if you are vegetarian or would like to bring in more protein, along with your meat.  Orzo and quinoa are some great sources of protein that I’ve been loving lately.  Both are great as sides or in a salad.

3)  Know when enough is enough when it comes to eating.  A great way of doing this is to slow things down.  When we are shoving things into our mouth so quickly, a lot of times we can keep going longer than if we take it slow and enjoy what we are eating.  It’s another great opportunity to go back to #1 and appreciate and have gratitude for the wonderful food you are eating, that you have food on the table and possibly friends or family to eat it with and company to enjoy.

4)  Go on a walk right after you eat your biggest meal.  It’s the last thing you will want to do, trust me.  But, it’s also the best think you could do for yourself.  If you could make it a goal to walk after EVERY meal, even better!  This is actually the best thing diabetics could do as well because it helps stabilize your blood sugar so you don’t get the crashes and ups and downs from your food turning into sugar.  Give yourself this gift after that big meal that may be in your future this week!

5)  Practice turning your focus to others and try to have fun, even if it’s hard in some cases.  If things with the family get tense, try to lighten the mood a little.  If anything, even if you are the only one, try to bring some fun to the conversation or something as simple as smiling and telling those around you that you love them or simply showing them my listening to their stories or hugging them and just spending time with them.  When we take our attention off ourself for a while, it’s amazing how people can see how present you are being with them and that alone can usually lighten the mood quiet a bit.

I wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

May you remember all that you have to be grateful for in your life…

Gratitude Challenge Until Thanksgiving


Are you up for a gratitude challenge until Thanksgiving?

Every morning I pull out a notebook and make a list when I wake up that starts with “I am grateful for” and I write down everything I can think of that I’m grateful for that morning.  I keep the notebook in a drawer next to my bed.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to start our day out with gratitude.  We have a choice each and every day to decide to be positive or negative and this is a great way to get the positive things flowing out of us and back to us.

I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and when I first started, I immediately noticed a lot of positive things flowing my way from being in that space.  Like attracts like.  If you have positive thoughts and think positive things, more will come, it’s just the way it works.

I took a break for a bit and noticed the negativity creeping back in, so I got the notebook back out and now I’m hooked.

Did you know that it is impossible for your brain to be grateful and triggered at the same time?

So, the next time you are upset about something, frustrated or anxious, try shifting your attention to things you are grateful for and see what happens to your mood.  You might be surprised how you feel afterwards.

Would you be willing to keep a gratefulness journal from now until Thanksgiving?  And then on Thanksgiving Day, you could make an even longer list of all the things you are thankful for and then decide if you want to keep it going after the holiday.

A lot of times I repeat things on my list, but I’m sure we could get creative and make them original every single day if we really wanted to!  Even if you think you have nothing to be grateful for, I promise, you do!  It could be as simple as having a bed to sleep in, food to eat, a computer to be reading this on and vision to be able to read.  With the cold weather here, I think about the fact that there are so many people in the world that don’t even have heat and I cannot fathom what that would be like to have to sleep in those conditions, which makes it easy for me to be grateful for a warm house and bed, if anything.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you find many things to be grateful for along the way.