Feels So Good…

Feels so good


Feels so good…

At least that’s what Peter Gorman states in his recent article for Meeting Professionals International regarding the meeting industry incorporating wellness elements into their event schedules.

I was thrilled when a friend sent me this article as I recently had the privilege of teaching yoga for three days for an event with Concentra and the attendees were telling me how much they enjoyed getting to take the break and do yoga and how much their bodies appreciated it.

I also selfishly was excited to see this as I’m offering Reset Breaks at corporate meetings and events and love seeing that this is becoming a popular trend in the industry.

I got word that I’m going to be doing a big industry event in a few weeks in New Orleans and really looking forward to seeing how we can continue to grow this trend.

Read full article here

On another exciting note, I’m going to be launching Daily Reset Break on YouTube in the next few days and looking forward to offering free videos online for all to view to get RESET, RE-ENERGIZED and RE-ENGAGED and be less stressed and more productive.

More to come…