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Some of TRIESSENCE’s Clients Have Included:


“Our employees had been asking for a speaker to discuss stress management in the workplace. Tessa Todd Morgan tackled that topic and more with her captivating presentation. Employees were very engaged, participated in the exercises, and left with valuable tools to use going forward. Tessa is a dynamic presenter and connected to the audience with her authenticity, knowledge, and humor. I would definitely recommend her!”

Karen Delaney – Director of Human Resources, NBCUniversal

“Creating a culture that fosters emotional intelligence and promotes overall wellness is critical to the success of any organization. Tessa Todd Morgan provided our organization with the concepts and tools we needed to break free from our unhealthy stress producing tendencies and step into a world of calm focused success. Within a few short days with our team Tessa created a ripple of positive energy that has reverberated through our organizations for months!”

Josh Witt – Director of Education Sales for North America, Tobii Dynavox

“We invited Tessa to speak to our employees, and the mostly millennial crowd was thoroughly entertained by her Daily Reset Break presentation. She shared relevant and helpful tips, included exercises and made it an interactive and engaging experience.”

Sarah Stockton – Director of Global Internal Communications, Research Now

“Tessa Morgan produced an innovative workshop for our Senior Leadership Team retreat. Over the course of the morning we learned how to better manage the stress that comes with our jobs and how to use personal development techniques to perform more effectively at work and at home. Tessa helped us uncover blindspots and identify the best ways to care for ourselves. And the team found her warm yet professional style engaging and supportive. Whether it is for senior leaders or individual contributors, I highly recommend Tessa’s approach to professional and personal development. Our group has already been incorporating many of the lessons learned during our session with her. She exceeded my very high expectations.”

Marjorie Hass, Ph.D. – President, Austin College

“Tessa Todd Morgan spoke during our busy season kick off. She opened our eyes to the importance of taking small breaks and how distracted we can become with our technology. She also armed us with coping skills to use every day. We can’t wait to implement small changes to increase our quality of life. Thank you Tessa.”

Jennifer Sicking – Vice President, KHA Accountants and Advisors , PC

“Tessa was asked to speak at a seminar to help us “Go Zen”. She shed light on the dangers of chronic stress to our well-being and provided simple techniques to help alleviate anxiety on the spot. Additional lifestyle recommendations would definitely contribute to a healthier, more balanced life experienced in each moment.”

Laura Mason – Vice President, Texas Association for School Nutrition

“The Denton Chamber of Commerce presented it’s 2015 Women in Commerce Fall Luncheon & Conference, featuring Tessa Morgan as one of three speakers. She did a fantastic job of tying her expertise to the theme of the event which was titled “Your Brand. It’s Personal.” Tessa shared very helpful and thought-provoking information about how our inner well-being plays a role in the way that we brand ourselves in our careers and life in general. The interactivity of her presentation kept attendees engaged in the subject matter. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to take good better care of ourselves. Thank you Tessa. Well done!”

Angelica Del Rosal – Director of Programs and Membership Development, Denton Chamber of Commerce

“After reading the reviews and visiting the Triessence website I reached out to Tessa to hire her for 3 yoga sessions at our women’s retreat held in Argyle. Wow!! I can’t imagine a better experience. Tessa was so wonderful and engaging with each of the attendees, modifying to their needs and limitations beautifully. The practice was excellent and she was prepared and professional to a T. The yoga sessions were a huge hit and we are planning to book her again for next year and future events. We are interested in her as a guest speaker as well to to experience more of the Triessence balance. What a gem of a find!! I only wish she was here in Fort Worth so I could attend her sessions more often.”

Jennifer Nelson – Administrative Assistant for Adult Education and Outreach Ministries, Broadway Baptist Church

“As the chair of the IASB Annual Meeting for 2015 in New Orleans, we had a unique challenge to help our attendees find new and unique ways to evolve the way they do business every day. Bringing in Tessa Todd Morgan to conduct her Reset Breaks, interspersed throughout our conference, were integral to the success of that learning process. Not only did the breaks help us to think about the stress and tension in our everyday (and conference) work habits in a new way, but they helped us keep our learning quotients high and our minds open and receptive to all the new materials we were being presented with. I highly recommend Tessa’s programs, particularly if you have content rich programs and highly driven audiences.”

Lisa Carnemolla Comerford – 2015 IASB Convention Committee Chair

“Tessa’s approach to appreciating where you are in the moment during our reset break taught me how to regain power when I’m feeling overwhelmed! I highly recommend Tessa for teaching the steps to success whether at work, in a relationship or learning how to reset your mind to get the results you want.”

Kim Barnes – Senior Managing Partner, J. Hilburn

“I will have to admit, I wondered what sort of workout I would get in a “corporate” setting. I assumed the whole thing would be dumbed-down. I was most assuredly wrong. Tessa led a thoughtful class for 45 different levels of participants! I was happily achy the following day, and have felt encouraged to begin again my love/hate relationship with yoga.”

Kate Miner – Music Director, Munger Place Church UMC

“My original motivation for incorporating a Yoga Break at our company-wide retreat was to offer an out-of-the-box team-building activity for our group. Little did I know it would be such a highlight of our retreat! Our team talks about it to this day, and we’ve since incorporated TRIESSENCE Corporate Yoga twice a week at our office.

Tessa was so mindful of the different levels of fitness represented in the group, and effortlessly customized the class to meet each one. In addition to the benefits that each attendee got out of the session, it cleared our minds to be so much more productive for the rest of our meetings. In fact, I find myself (selfishly) wishing the conferences I attend throughout the year offered Yoga Breaks! I definitely recommend it.”

Christa Haberstock – see: a·gen·cy

“Having Tessa come and do classes at our building is such a great amenity to have for our tenants.  The convenience of having yoga onsite versus having to go elsewhere for classes is a huge advantage for all of us.  I believe it is a big stress reliever for everyone and I leave feeling energized after each class.  I highly recommend it for your company or building!”

Elizabeth Costello Chavez – Tenant Services Coordinator, Comerica Bank Tower

“I can not recommend Tessa enough for her coaching skills and insights. Tessa is extremely easy to open up to and is nonjudgmental. She has given me suggestions that gave me the challenge to change the direction of my life. My life is so much richer by knowing Tessa and her coaching. She is very real and down to earth. I love and respect her so very much. Tessa also does workshops…if you have the opportunity plan to attend. You will leave a changed person with many new ideas to put in motion. I’m living proof!”

Becky Wafer – Irving, TX

“Tessa was Such a perfectly timed gift in my life during a period of major transition. I had moved from California to Texas. I was revisiting a ten year past relationship and was considering a career change in the midst of it all… That’s how I roll:)

Had it not been for her expertise in emotional intelligence training, along with her calm and warm demeanor, I would have been a mess. Tessa helped guide me in very practical and applicable ways. She is a master at staying neutral and allowing you to reflect on your own choices, while gently nudging you toward positive, attainable goals. I felt so supported and yet completely in control of how I wanted to work through the challenges and exciting opportunities that were coming my way all at once.

To mitigate the potential overwhelm, I also attended her yoga classes regularly- and I have to give her serious props for that one. After living in San Francisco and taking classes from some of the top professionals in the field-I was so grateful to find such a wonderful teacher in Texas. She’s a true professional.

I can’t urge you enough to contact her if you’re feeling like you’re needing some direction/ nourishment/ positivity/ balance/ accountability/ compassion… I am so glad I reached out and found her:)”

Jessica Russo – Santa Cruz, CA

“I had never done yoga before coming to Tessa’s class, but the amount I have progressed since that day is stunning to even myself. All thanks to her coaching and calming voice in the class and letting you know there’s no pressure for anything and thats it’s all about us and not her. Highly recommend her.”

Cody Renfro – Denton, TX

“As someone that has never practiced yoga outside the comfort of her own living room, I was a bit nervous to actually attend a class in a more professional atmosphere. My worries were quickly diminished when Tessa introduced herself and welcomed me to her class. Tessa is so incredibly inviting to each and every person that walks through the door! She is a wonderful instructor that takes her time with each individual to ensure that he/she is getting the most out of their yoga experience. Tessa, in my opinion, really seems to embody the essence of what it means to be a yogi. Her passion for teaching yoga is evident in every class she leads and I am excited to continue on my yoga journey through her wonderful guidance :)”

Kayleigh Lewis – Denton, TX

“Triessence has been such a blessing in my life. From helping me sort out my overall thoughts, strengths and weaknesses to challenging me to dream again about my today and tomorrow…I have found so much inner strength both mentally and spiritually. After being a stay-at-home mother for a few years, I was lost and didn’t know where to start in my journey of balance, working again and finding happinesses. I now have a better sense of clarity and self-awareness, therefore I’ve been a better mother, wife, friend and entrepreneur. Thanks, Tessa. You are truly a God-send.”

Shellie Neuman – Sachse, TX

“Feeling stuck? Tessa Todd Morgan helps people move forward in a graceful and meaningful way. Her grounded and caring nature are the qualities I enjoy most about her.”

Vince Poscente – New York Times Bestselling Author and Olympian

“I used to joke with my husband that I really wanted to be friends with yoga, but we just couldn’t seem to get along.  I tried different yoga classes and styles for over a decade before finally finding a happy place on my mat with Tessa Todd Morgan.  She has a gift for taking the pose and breaking it down for all levels, whether it’s your first time or your thousandth her words help you get where you’d like to go.  Her gentle instruction makes the class enjoyable but still challenging.  Tessa is the first truly accessible yoga instructor I’ve come across, her thoughtful approach eased my worries about practicing when injured, showing me how to modify for my personal needs, talking me through poses that just felt “weird”.  Yoga and I are now best buddies and I’m extremely grateful to Tessa for that gift that keeps on giving.”

Diane Roe – Dallas, TX

“Triessence is for everyone. After being involved in several different yoga studios (gaining from each), I have found the attention to the specific needs of each person without disruption combined with the flow of the class has brought me back to my center. Since meeting Tessa, I have brought classes to my business and have invited my friends. Today, one of my friends commented as they left the class, “I feel like I have my own personal trainer”… and I was grateful to hear I wasn’t the only one having this experience. Looking forward to each class as it’s the highlight of my day.

The life coaching is where I am getting the biggest benefits. Tessa has allowed me to overcome the fears of being who I was born to be. Through being able to trust Tessa and being vulnerable with her, I am able to move forward onto the biggest project of my life. I feel like I am right where I am suppose to be and moving forward with each session.”

Hal Samples – Photographer/Filmmaker

“My coaching experience with Tessa has been very exciting. I wasn’t sure what I expected, but can honestly say I am more than pleasantly surprised with the results after just 10 sessions. She is a knowledgeable, calming guide with an amazing ability to listen and formulate questions that have guided me through a beautiful process and helped me unravel the issues in my life that have been a burden to me. She has helped me shift my thinking and realize so many of my concerns can be changed by choice and has helped me move towards positive change in my life. With her support and guidance I was also able to overcome some fears, one of which resulted in a long, overdue and substantial raise. I feel blessed to have this opportunity and recommend this type of coaching to anyone that is hesitant to enter into therapy and wants a more personal, self-growth option to resolving their issues or reaching goals. I highly recommend it! I am grateful for her guidance and happy about where I am in my life today, as a result.”

Janice Patton – Dallas, TX

“I have known Tessa for many years professionally, philanthropically and socially. I have always found Tessa to be reliable, honest, with integrity and accountable. In other words, a real LEADER. I have always found Tessa a person of real quality. She is the BEST.”

Bob Hopkins – Founder, Philanthropy World Magazine

“As a coach myself, I see in Tessa the qualities that make her a great coach: compassion, courage, optimism, intellectual curiosity, and an unflagging desire to achieve results for her clients.”

Libby Gill – Executive Coach, Branding Strategist & Bestselling Author

“In practicing yoga with Tessa, I’ve learned that not only is yoga a great workout, but by increasing flexibility, strength and stamina it has improved my golf game and endurance in cycling.”

Todd Darby – Former College Baseball Player and Avid Golfer & Cyclist

“Tessa Todd Morgan has a quiet power that owns a room before she speaks her first word.”

John Doan – CEO, On the Threshold  

“I have known Tessa as a friend and client since 2008. Tessa has been an inspiration to me and to my clients in her courage to face what life presents and use those circumstances to go deep into self-reflection and not stop until something powerful is illuminated, with new learnings and new practices put in place to “keep the course”.

This is how I have watched her grow and expand into a unique blend of heart, integrity and authenticity – whatever Tessa chooses to take on, she brings herself fully to her commitment working out any differences in real partnership!

I personally know that you can never ask a client to go somewhere in their development you haven’t been willing to go yourself. Because Tessa courageously opens herself to that kind of learning and uses what she has experienced and learned to contribute to others, I would trust her to coach me! I rarely have said that in my life!

Tessa has an eye for the integrity of ‘what works’ and creatively invents new structures (methods, processes, steps) to generate pathways towards achieving objectives and having people be taken care of. Tessa has a strong, unwavering commitment to having people live their lives to their fullest potential.”

Jan Smith – Founder, Center for Authentic Leadership

“I’ve been taking yoga with Tessa at Triessence for 10 months and I’m beyond hooked. Yoga in and of itself is great, however I personally find most studios and classes to be intimidating. As good as the instructors are and as welcoming as the classes are designed to be, feeling less-than has just been a barrier to my involvement. Having gone through two major back surgeries, one for scoliosis correction and another for a ruptured disc, any kind of exercise carries with it risk and a not-so-small burden of fear. Yoga was off the list me for a long time since I thought the rod attached to my spine wouldn’t allow me to bend or twist or do half of the poses. Triessence met me at my level and created a bridge (no pun intended 😉 for me to access yoga at my level. I’ve seen it do the same for others at different levels as well. Challenging everyone in the class at whatever skill level they happen to posses can be hard. Tessa does it naturally, so everyone in the class is able to get what they need with the abilities they have, and leave a little better than when they walked in. Regardless of the class size, I always feel like I’m getting personal attention and I have a trained professional gently pushing me along, helping me, tweaking poses and creating a safe environment where I can succeed (and fail!). 10 months later I’m keeping up with every pose, seeing improvement every week, and shattering my perceived physical limitations. To say I owe Tessa and Triessence a debt of gratitude doesn’t come close to how thankful I am for her skill and expertise as a yoga instructor. She’s a God-send.”

Christa Haberstock – see: a·gen·cy

“Tessa manages to balance love and compassion drawn from personal life experience with an exciting drive that offers friendly advocacy for her clientele’s personal growth process.”

Kim Naleid – Austin, Texas

“I don’t even know where to begin. Tessa Todd Morgan is amazing, kind, a good listener and compassionate. I love working with her and she clearly loves what she is doing. She helps you with anything you need. I don’t think I would have kept trying if I did not have Tessa supporting me. Tessa is the best of the best. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Darby Stock – Sacramento, CA